Community bounty for BCH withdrawal tool

Some community members have verbally offered a bounty of USD $250 for a procedure that can be used to withdraw Glacier-stored coins from the BCH fork. Contact [email protected] to discuss directly with funders, or to offer more funds for the bounty.

Any bounty-related arrangements are strictly private agreements between the funders and bounty claimers. The Glacier maintainers have no role in ensuring bounty payment or the quality or security of any offered procedures.


The current maintainers are only implementing critical updates (those which might materially affect security or the ability to access funds) at this time. We are open to passing the project on to other maintainers.


Glacier is a free, community-driven project. Contributions are welcome from individuals who want to help improve or maintain the protocol.

The documents are published under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license, and the accompanying software is published under the MIT open source license.

General feedback

You are welcome to send general feedback or suggestions to the project leads at [email protected] or via our Gitter chat room. While all feedback is welcome, the best way to seeing your changes implemented is to submit a contribution yourself. Instructions are below.

GlacierScript contributions

The GitHub project is here. Feel free to submit pull requests.

Document contributions

The protocol document and design document are both maintained using Google Docs.

If you would like to draft changes for either, send a brief proposal to the project leads at [email protected]. If it seems like a good fit for the project, we’ll grant you permissions to collaborate via tracked commenting.