Key Features

Self-managed storage

Glacier does not depend on online wallets or any other third parties. Your bitcoins are entirely within your control.

Cold generation and storage

The electronic keys that secure your bitcoins are created and stored entirely offline, making them virtually invulnerable to electronic theft.

Multisignature security

Multiple keys are required to access your bitcoins, greatly reducing the risk of loss due to physical theft or destruction of keys.


Glacier makes heavy use of well-secured software such as Bitcoin Core, and the Glacier’s own software is limited in scope and open source for public review.

Free of charge

Glacier is an open source project provided at no cost to the Bitcoin community.


Glacier is intended for security-critical scenarios, not everyday use. The protocol requires several hours and several hundred dollars of equipment to execute.

The team

Glacier is a community-driven open-source project. New contributors are welcome.

Developers and Maintainers

James Hogan

LinkedIn, email

Jacob Lyles

LinkedIn, email

Security Advisors

Philip Martin

Director of Security, Coinbase


Glenn Willen

Infrastructure Tech Engineer, Blockstream


Arthur Breitman

Founder, Tezos


Paul Bohm

Network Economist


Advisors have not reviewed or endorsed every recommendation of the full Glacier protocol or the GlacierScript software.