Community bounty for BCH withdrawal tool

Some community members have verbally offered a bounty of USD $250 for a procedure that can be used to withdraw Glacier-stored coins from the BCH fork. Contact [email protected] to discuss directly with funders, or to offer more funds for the bounty.

Any bounty-related arrangements are strictly private agreements between the funders and bounty claimers. The Glacier maintainers have no role in ensuring bounty payment or the quality or security of any offered procedures.


Full Glacier releases
(Protocol document & GlacierScript with checksums)

v0.91 Beta (latest version)
v0.9 Beta
v0.1 Alpha

Protocol document releases

v0.91 Beta (latest version)
v0.9 Beta
v0.1 Alpha

Design document releases

v0.9 Beta (latest version)
v0.1 Alpha

Release notes

Note: The release notes below (and the release notes in the document-only releases) are provided for convenient, non-security-critical reference only. They are not secured with signed checksums, and therefore are not canonical. The canonical release notes are in the document appendices within the full Glacier releases, linked above.

If you are referencing release notes as directed by Glacier protocol itself, you should refer to the canonical notes in the protocol document itself rather than the notes here. The appropriate steps are listed in the protocol.

Version 0.91: July 27, 2017

Upgrade Guidance

v0.91 includes workarounds for some withdrawal errors encountered in v0.90. If you encounter errors withdrawing in v0.90, you should upgrade to v0.91. You'll need to recreate your Quarantined App USBs with v0.91.

v0.91 has no security improvements. Funds stored with earlier Deposit Protocols are perfectly secure.

Detailed Changes
  • The protocol was incapable of properly handling raw unspent transactions past a certain length (workarounds are now in place for both issues):
    • QR codes cannot handle large raw unspent transactions; such transactions must be manually split into multiple QR codes and re-spliced.
    • With extremely large raw unspent transactions (over 4000 bytes), GlacierScript was incapable of processing them in v0.90.
  • Fixed minor errors in Setup Protocol for Windows machines
  • Updated Ubuntu release link (old link broke when it became not-the-latest Ubuntu release)
  • Added Errata section to website (for issues / fixes which haven't yet made it into an official release), and included protocol steps to check the Errata section.
  • Fixed various typos (thanks /u/dooglus)
Version 0.9 Beta: February 10, 2017
  • Enabled HTTPS on website for improved security of protocol distribution
  • Added Windows support to Setup Protocol
  • Required the second Setup Computer to be “distinct” (e.g. preferably one not previously owned by the Glacier user) to minimize the chance of identical malware on both Setup Computers propagating to the quarantined environments (and generating an identical flawed key in both environments)
  • Revised online wallet section to describe a wider variety of market options
Version 0.1 Alpha: January 24, 2017
Initial non-public release to selected reviewers.