Transaction execution and verification

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On any Internet-connected computer:

  1. Access the raw signed transaction you sent yourself from your smartphone previously.
  2. Verify the transaction data.
    1. Go to
    2. Copy-paste the raw signed transaction into the webpage and click Submit.
    3. Under “Outputs”:
      1. Verify the destination address is correct.
      2. Verify the amount going to the destination address is correct.
      3. If you did not withdraw all funds from these unspent transactions, you’ll also see a second output which “sends” the remainder of the funds “back” to your cold storage address. This is necessary; it’s how Bitcoin is designed to operate.
  3. Execute the transaction.
    1. Go to (or any comparable public service which can broadcast a raw signed transaction to the Bitcoin network).
    2. Copy-paste the raw signed transaction into the webpage and click Submit.
    3. You should see a green bar appear with a transaction ID in it. This is the transaction ID for your withdrawal; make a note of it.
  4. Verify the withdrawal on the public blockchain.
    1. Go to Blockstream , paste the destination address into the search bar, and press Enter. You’ll be taken to a page that says “Address” at the top, with the destination address listed underneath.
    2. Within a couple of seconds you should be able to refresh this page and see your unconfirmed transaction at the top of the transaction list.
    3. Periodically refresh the page until you see the funds reflected in “Confirmed Unspent”. This may take anywhere from several minutes to many hours depending upon the fee rate you paid and how many other transactions are currently waiting to be confirmed on the network.